World Ranking System

The IKA KiteFoil Class Association is maintaining two indipendent rankings:

  • The KiteFoil GoldCup Ranking, based on all GoldCup Events from the previous years Final until the current years Final (including the current years Final). The KiteFoil GoldCup seasons therefore span the European Winter, i.e. Season 2016/17, Season 2017/18 etc.
  • The World Ranking, including all events of the past 12 months, including national and regional events.


KiteFoil GoldCup Rankings

Points are awarded as follows:

  • KiteFoil GoldCup Acts: 100 points, Factor 1
  • KiteFoil GoldCup Final: 100 points, Factor 2

Events may be discarded as outlined in the KiteFoil GoldCup Notice of Race, except that the Final may not be discarded.

Besides the World Championship Title, the KiteFoil GoldCup Trophy crowns the most consistent rider of the season.


How does it work  - KiteFoil GoldCup Rankings ?

Each competitor counts his or her best results (minus discards) since the most recent KiteFoil GoldCup Final / KiteFoil World Championship.

The winner of an event receives 100 points, the second 99 points etc. If there are more than 100 competitors, remaining competitors all receive 1 point. The points are then multiplied by the factor, i.e. normal Acts with factor 1 result in points equaling 100, 99, 98 etc, and the KiteFoil GoldCup Final with factor two results in points equaling 200, 198, 196 etc.


World Rankings:

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Events with less than 5000 EUR/USD prizemoney: 20 points
  • Events with more than 5000 EUR/USD prizemoney: 50 points
  • Events run in conjunction with other IKA Class Continental/World Championships: 50 points
  • Events with more than 10000 EUR/USD prizemoney: 100 points
  • Events with more than 25000 EUR/USD prizemoney: 200 points


How does it work  - World Rankings ?

Each competitor counts his or her best three results over the previous 12 months. The one year period is calculated on a rolling basis (from today's date to the same date one year previously).

100% of competitors at a regatta receive ranking points with first place receiving 200, 100, 50 or 20 points depending on the grade.

The World Rankings are mainly used for qualification and seeding purposes.


How the points are calculated - World Rankings

Ranking Points = E(N-P+1)/N


E = Event Rank
N = Number of Entries
P = Position in regatta

The Ranking Points are then "aged", which gives most recent results a higher importance than older results.

Age of the result in month         Weight
1                                                100%
2                                                100%
3                                                90%
4                                                80%
5                                                70%
6                                                60%
7                                                50%
8                                                40%
9                                                30%
10                                              20%
11                                              10%
12                                              0%


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