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Act 1: Gizzeria, Italy

July 13 to July 17, 2016 in Hang Loose Beach


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IKA KiteFoil World Championship Schedule

  1. 2016 Events
  2. Act 1: Italy
  3. Act 2: Korea
  4. Act 3: Qatar
GoldCup - Gizzeria Lido

GoldCup - Gizzeria Lido

13.07.2016 - 17.07.2016 15000 EUR
GoldCup - Boryeong

GoldCup - Boryeong

October 15000 USD tbc
GoldCup Final - The Pearl

GoldCup Final - The Pearl

15.11.2016 - 19.11.2016 20000 EUR

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Is this the official World Championship ?

The KiteFoil GoldCup is the official World Championship of the IKA KiteFoil class - this is the unregulated class where every rider can use both prototype kites and foils.

Due to pre-existing contracts with the GoldCup organizers the decision of the last Annual General Meeting to hold the World Championship in an one-off event can only be actioned from the next season onwards.

How is the World Champion decided ?

All "acts" (every stop) of the 2016 IKA KiteFoil GoldCup count for winning the world title. Like in Formula 1 or the Ski World Cup there will be no discards - you have to compete in all events and take your points from each event into the final event in Qatar where the world champion will be crowned.

Can we as riders also compete in whatever else kiteboarding event around the world ?

Yes, of course. We at IKA are happy about you competing at any event in the world that takes place, as long as the event does not claim to be a World Championship (or is perceived as such) without being sanctioned as such by IKA or World Sailing. This would be in direct conflict with World Sailings regulations and World Sailing may take action against that. This could apply to certain events published by the so called "IFKO".

Who is running the racing ?

Andy Curnow from Australia is and remains our main race director - hardly anyone else has as many continental and world championship events in kiteracing under his belt.

Also we will have a full international jury at every event to ensure that all results immediately stand and that there will be no appeals.

As we are running all the GoldCup events together with top notch sailing clubs, we will have all ressources for both race committee and rescue available in a proper regatta environment.

What is the difference to the Formula Kite (Foiling) World Championship ?

The Formula Kite World Championship will be sailed on registered production equipment (kites and foils) in a one-off event.

Also, there will be separate racing for men and women, and therefore official mens and womens world championship titles.

For the Olympic Pathway it is important to have racing on regulated equipment, where the best sailor wins and not the latest prototypes.

What format of racing will be used ?

Each GoldCup event is scheduled for 4 days plus registration day and 20 races on the water. There are no medal races - just straight 20 races. We are aiming for 30-40 riders on the startline, and if there are more entries we split the fleet by the world ranking and have a qualifying and a final series then.

What courses will be used ? Only windward/leewards ?

The majority of racing, will be on windward/leewards but we will also incorporate long distance races and crossings.

The Notice of Race / Sailing Instructions already contain basic additional courses, and other courses may be posted on the Official Notice Board then (for example "round the island" as a long distance race).

Will there be proper media work ?

We will have a full media team at every event: Videographers, editor, professional photographer, journalist/social media editor, and live commentator.

For the first time we will broadcast a live audio stream from each event from the racing action, in addition to the mark roundings and finishing orders.

The TV production will be broadcasted in almost 200 countries and is expected to have more than 5000 broadcasting hours per event.

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KiteFoil GoldCup will crown the 2016 KiteFoil World Champion

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